S-MART.SE – Under Attack! [UPDATED 090831]

[UPDATE 090901] Everything is back in order again…  hope you all enjoy it!
[END UPDATE] [UPDATE 090831] Today all reports have been added to http://reports.s-mart.se to the site… and all old Australia stories…  so now it’s only the last years Canada stories still to come…  one piece at a time…
[END UPDATE] [UPDATE 090816] So all the adventure, travel blogs are back online, all photos and movies are all still online (they were on a different server) so the “only” thing left no uploaded are the old Australia, Reports & Essays & Canada tabs.

If you want to reach the old site until those are updated CLICK HERE


Greeting friends,

S-MART.SE have been attacked by a silly person deleting the database with ALL posts and settings…

This silly person regrets even going up in the morning, and even more not going to bed earlier last night when this happened. The silly person is as you might understand, me, myself and I. I got no one to blame more than myself for this error and it will be only me that will be able to fix it…

To all of you, I am really sorry for this inconvenience for you and I will be working hard to get it up and running again soon…  luckily I got all posts saved, in the old system, but it’s very tedious to cut, paste and edit the text to fit the new theme.

I will put some long hours into getting all posts back up and showing as soon as possible, however, with my imminent move to Canada the 18th of Aug I’m not to sure if I have it all done by then…  but with some fingers crossed it wont be too long…

Again, I’m sorry and for now you can still enjoy the pictures and movie galleries and the old website…  Feel free to follow the adding of the pages during the next few days!

Cheers, Stefan

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