First day at Camosun College…

Well, it is not how I normally live and operate my life, that’s for sure!

I mean, I normally plan, organize and get most stuff done BEFORE the shit hits the fan. Trust me, the shit ALWAYS hits the fan…  not sure why, not sure how…  but it sure finds its way there. What do I mean?

Well, I kind of related to this in earlier posts,I wanted to get the course selection done months and months ago. For some strange reason I accepted to wait until now. Now see where my arse ended up…  Sqeezed between a rock and hard place.

Okey, down to specifics…

I am taking a program called Environmental Technology and the first semester in that three-year program consists of:

Now, since;

  • BIOL 124 is the same course as BZ1030 at JCU.
  • COMP 158E is the same as CP1030 at JCU.
  • ENGL 150 is all about report and essay writing – I’m trying to get credits for this on a so called ‘Prior Learning Assessment’.
  • GEOG 100 is the same as EV3200 or parts there of from JCU.

The program chair for the Environmental Technology program was kind enough to give me credits for those courses. That left me with two subjects; CHEM120 and ENVR110 totalling five credits out of the 18 that is the total for the semester for a normal student.

The choice I had was either smile and study half-time, get $3000 credit for semester tuition fees, which in turn won’t let me get a workpermit in 6months OR add more subjects to ‘make-up’ for those I got credited for.

I searched for courses that looked interesting, these were the ones I found;

As you can see, neither are biology or environmental science related. So what I thought was that in a few years after working as an employee for a consulting company, I might want to start my own business and then these skills would come in handy. Since things have taken such a long time get this discussion going there were not many spots left in the subjects I wanted.

The program chair, Anna helped me lots and thought I could do GEOG214 – Digital Geomatics (basically GIS plus more) and GEOG220 – Natural Resource Systems (more mapping and GIS). I got waitlisted as #4 on both these courses. Additionally, it was too late to register on Fin110 and Bus150. I have to attend the class with a special paper asking the instructor for the course kindly to let me take the course.  Basically my semester would look like something like this, if I had my way;

Today I came one step closer to sort out the ENGL150, where we are looking at doing a so called PLA, Prior Learning Assessment. In other words, I have to prove to them that I already have the knowledge the course entails and I get a mark plus credits for it. This, I argue, due to my over 40 essays and reports and more than 80.000 words in these. This Thursday I’m going to find out, if this is the avenue I want/need to go for that course.

As for the GEOG214, I went to the first lecture today and Mr Elkin (the lecturer) said that if the two no-shows stayed away during this week, I was the last one on the list that made it into the class. Pertaining to GEOG220, Mr Elkin, that is lecturing that subject as well, said I had far greater chance since it’s not a typical Env Tech subject this semester, but I have to wait and see until the end of the week and see how things develop. It looks promissing though!

Lastly, the economics classes I have no idea as of yet. Tomorrow is my first lecture for the FIN110 and I will probably find out then. BUS150 is on Thursday nights’ eventlist.

I feel a bit stepped upon and that I have fallen between the cracks a bit, but as most things in life so far, when I take the ball and run with it, it normally goes my way. Perhaps there is a lesson in it for me; that I shouldn’t let other people control or stear my life!?

What are you reflections? Looking forward to hear from you!

Stefan, signing off…

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