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Well, today after getting the unfortunate news that I wouldn’t fit in GEOG214 and GEOG220 I was ready to throw in the towel. I was thinking, perhaps work for a semester, then come back or even work for a year then do it…  Even hear with Medicine Hat College if they still had openings and so on…

I feel ill-treated for people being square in their ways and not looking at the possibilities. Especially when I had told them what to do to sort things out MONTHS ago, and we’re doing it now as I told them to do it then, the difference being some classes are full already… (NOT irritated at the situation, AT ALL!! As you can imagine!)  Grrrrr..

After loosing some trust in the International Office, I went to the program chair for the EV Tech program directly and asked for some help. As always she was in a great mood and didn’t hesitate to shuffle some courses around to get me back on the horse again. See, I knew from the start that it was her I should have had contact with all along, not the International Office. The same issue arose at James Cook, and in the end, it was the program coordinator or the chair that had the final say of what would happen.

So now, after speaking to the chair, Anna, she pulled some strings and shifted things around for me, my semester looks like this:

The GEOG classes was dropped and instead I’ll take:

The FIN110 tonight was awesome! I’m number two on the wait-list and perhaps five or six never showed. As for BUS150 it says on the system there are six available spots so I guess I have to wait and see tomorrow how that turns out!

Oh yeah, ENGL150 – I am going to do the PLA tomorrow, but I dropped the class after discussions with Anna and I must say I am relieved to have done that! I’m a scientist, not a novel writer or a someone studying litteracy. Anna also mentioned that a company she spoken with actually have secretaries to write the reports for the scientific experts! Basically letting the experts be experts and not get them sidetracked on other stuff that other people are experts on!

It was close there for a while…  really close that I lost faith in this college!

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