Report – ENVR110 – Assignment 1 – How Green is Camosun – Part 2

ENVR110                                                Camosun College                                             2009-09-12

Assignment 1 – How Green is Camosun – Part 2

Stefan Martensson


The ENVR110 class were given the assignment of listing ‘green’, sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, processes and commitments for Camosun College campus. The first part of brainstorming together brought up a long list of ideas that later were compared with practices that in fact already been implemented and in addition comment on two ideas not yet implemented.

Two ideas already implemented:

Composting the waste from the cafeteria.

–     Great idea! As mentioned on The Fisher Building Cafeteria, Interurban’s Helmet Huber Cook Training Centre and the Urban Diner Coffee Shop together this composting saved 51metric tonnes worth composting material annually!

On a side note, the college has for years already been composting grass clippings, leaves and small branches. A test is also being conducted at Lansdowne to compost washroom paper towels.

Lighting – light sensors – brighter colours.

–     The college have been replacing T12 tubes (12*1/8 in = 1.5in) with T8 tubes (8*1/8 in = 1in). T8’s normally comes as 32W and T12’s at either 40W or 34W. The T8’s use less power (2 to 8watts) and produce approximately 10% less light (lumens) (Web reference #2). Worth considering the retrofit cost from T12’s to T8’s will take years to recover due to the mere saving of maximum 8W/h.

–     Perhaps using natural light, such as windows, skylights would be of greater savings, also using brighter colours in classrooms.

–     The college has put in light sensors to help unnecessary use of energy and delegated to security guards and custodians to turn off lights where appropriate.

Two ideas not yet implemented:

Water conservation

–     In times of the H1N1 virus, we are told to wash our hands frequently. A common problem in the men’s bathroom at least, is that some do not wash their hands after using the washroom.

Upon exiting, they grab the handle of the door(s) and thus smearing their germs on it. In many newer washrooms there are in fact no doors, just a Z shape structure one goes around.

We propose to remove the doors and fit the bathrooms with these structures and on toilets and sinks get either electronic sensors or even better, to save electricity, a mechanical pedal for foot operation, so one does not need to touch to flush nor wash ones’ hands. It saves water by not having the sink drain water while you are drying your hands on the paper towel and then turn off the water with the towel.

More efficient bus system for bikers

–     Having subsidized bus passes for all students are great. But some busses are not connecting very well with the college.

–     We propose that there are would be put in more planning to accommodate the students in Victoria that wants to use this services but are forced to jump off at Hillside Mall and walk the rest of the way.

–     More bike racks on the busses would be a great addition to the above proposition. This would make it easier for people, to take the bus to college and bike home, or in the case of lacking connections, one could bike the last bit instead of taking a car.


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