Update Camosun, Camping, Canada…

Greetings friends,

Well, what to say, all the issues from my previous posts have been solved more or less and the last few weeks has been more about what I came here for, studying.

Most of the instructors are very talented and bring plenty of life-experience with them into the classrooms and it’s interesting to listen to. I think we are closing in on the half-way mark of the first semester and I guess I am doing ok. I was hoping to be doing a bit better, but being away from the academic world now for almost eight years tends to make you forget things you haven’t used for a while.

I know that I am STRONGLY suggesting to my future kids that whatever they decide to do, they should complete their schooling in one go. It’s all good to take a year off, like I had with the military before continuing my university studies, but I really feel rusty and it’s quite frustrating when you know you have known stuff but you are not any longer…

A week ago yesterday my hunny-bun came over to Canada and the first week we already had time to go camping around Nanaimo and did some canoeing. Unfortunately the canoeing was in a little choppy waves and I had no interest of going for a swim that day, so we turned around and loaded up the canoe on the roof of the XTerra once more and just went sightseeing and enjoying the campsite.

Some of the pictures can be viewed in my gallery, so feel free to have a look and send me a comment!

Other things we have concluded during Catharina’s first week in Canada; we need a King size bed if we are not to kill each other, one more comforter (one each), more hangers in the closet, a bigger closet, more storage space and a place of our own…

She seems to enjoy Canada and Victoria, but who wouldn’t the slogan for British Columbia is “The most beautiful place on earth”.

It’s her birthday today and we are heading to Vancouver and the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel for a night and some sightseeing tomorrow Saturday and IKEA and then back to reality!  Should be a nice relaxing night away!

Talk to you all more soon!

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