Hockey almost over for the season..

10 games, 6goals, 5assist, 3penalty minutes and finish up as the top goalscorer and the top player with most points for the Spring league in our team. As you guys perhaps already know, I played for The Islanders and I had a blast getting to know the guys, and hopefully I’ll find a spot for the fall! As a team, we didn’t do too well.. 2 wins, 9 losses which made us the worst team in the series…  🙂

As a kid I like my peers, had a dream about playing for the National Team, playing hockey in Canada and the NHL. I never made it to the NHL, I did however, accomplish the other two. I was selected to play for the National Team in In-Line Roller Hockey in Australia and now I’m in Canada playing hockey…

It’s all about having fun, and I had some great moments over this short season! Thanks to the Captain and the rest in the Islanders. We do get two play-off games, so’ll keep you guys updated as things develop!

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