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If you had an awesome idea…

…but you weren’t sure if it would be viable, who would you ask?

I mean who did Mark Zuckerberg ask back in 2003-2004 before Facebook became hugh?

I got an idea, but it’s hard to tell people about that idea, because someone could potentially steal the idea..  If you know how to go about asking reliable people to find out if it is in fact a great idea, PLEASE let me know!

Interesting thoughts on immigration..

On the topic of the Swedish election 2010, this article was sent to me and I felt it was a very interesting read…

The article was written by Susan MacAllen

One might wonder if this is going to happen in my native land of Sweden, or Canada…  or all over the planet…

Swedish Election 2010

On Facebook there is an app were you can vote for you favourite party and today just over 75.000 people over 18 had voted and (8.200 or so under 18).

This is the result:

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