Update – Short and Sweet

Greetings gangsters,

So, it’s almost December and Xmas! What happened to 2010?

I just wanted to give a short and brief update on what’s been going on the last little while.

April – 2010
Last few weeks of the Winter2010 semester – busy like crazy, Cat was working two jobs and it was rough on both her and I not being able to see each other even if we lived together.
I started working for Mountain Equipment Coop and found it interesting and rewarding (knowledge wise, not financially). I did alright with my marks for the semester, but I had some issues with chemistry and were only a few percent from the cut-off line. Unfortunately I will be re-doing the chem again so I can take the advanced chemistry.
I also played in the spring Hockey 101 league for The Islanders. It didn’t go too well for the team, but I did well as a player. It was my first season in the Island Hockey 101 league and I produced 6goals, 5assists and 11points over 10games. (the score sheet is out by one assist). This, later got me drafted by the Jets 1 team in tier 2.

May – 2010
Spring semester at Camosun – had a bunch of different course and they were all hands-on and intensive. Enjoyed them all very much.

June – 2010
Spring semester continued. We attended a few Gala events through Cat’s job, it was summer in the air and fairly fair weather all of June.
Second week of June, I had a Field Camp to finish up the spring semester. – I got straight A+’s for the Spring Semester courses.

July – 2010
Started July by having a safety course with kayaks through MEC.
Second week of July we went on a long-weekend (Thursday-Tuesday) road trip to Vancouver – Squamish – Whistler. LOTS of fun, biking and hiking! Even saw a bear only 2-3meters away from us!!
End of July I had an Interview with Ministry of Community and Rural Development for a co-op position.

August – 2010
We started the last official summer month by going kayaking. We went to Discovery Island outside Oak Bay, Victoria. We had an awesome day and we saw lots of seals, birds and other cool creatures!
Mid-August we went to Sweden to visit family and friends. It was two very intense weeks and we learnt that we will not book up so much time again, since it was no fun of having everything so packed with appointments and ‘must-do’s’.
I was offered a position as Infrastructure Resource Assistant with the BC Ministry of Community and Rural Development.

September – 2010
The 6th I played my first game with the Jets against the Beavers.
The 7th started my co-op with the Ministry. First couple of weeks were really not fun…  really unorganized and scattered.
Mid-month we went to an open house at the airport for Private Pilot Program. Lots of fun, and very interesting!
At the end of the month I had a talk at Camosun about the visit I had at Öresunds Kraft while in Sweden – I had fun presenting it, the students were interested, got lots of questions and Great reviews from the program chair of the program. This talk spawned the opportunity to talk to the Ministry as well about this.

October – 2010
Started the month with a conference in Vancouver called CanBIO. During the month we also went picking chanterelles several times and enjoyed the ‘fruits’ of the woods. Towards the end of the month I was invited on a ‘cultural exchange’ with a Canadian friend – going hunting for deer. I had the opportunity to make the same presentation I made for the College again for the Ministry.

November – 2010
More  work during November and I got offered an extension at the ministry for an additional four months. Were also in negotiations with a different company for a work term. This might get into fruition later towards the spring.

LOTS of pictures are uploaded and for your enjoyment at http://gallery.s-mart.se

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