Washington State Road Trip – Completed

It’s been a while, it’s also been ridiculously busy.

Last Thursday it was Remembrance Day. The Friday was a perfect opportunity to take of to make it a long weekend.

Cat and I, decided early to not only celebrate the fallen soldiers, but also our 18months anniversary by going for a trip to the mainland.

BC Ferries Vacations had a wonderful deal – car, two people and a hotel night in Vancouver for $100/person. This basically meant that we got to get the truck over for free (or the hotel night for free) compared to normal prices.

So we made a route itinerary that looked like this:

Wednesday, Nov 10th –

I finished up early (2pm) at work to make it home and do the final packing and organizing before trying to get on the 4pm ferry. It was tight, but we made it to the terminal and the ferry in time. We had dinner on the ferry (as usual) and before we knew it, we had arrived in Tsawwassen outside Vancouver.

I had an idea of meeting up with a business colleague but unfortunately it fell through due to scheduling. Happy as campers we proceeded to Vancouver City and the Coast Plaza hotel in English Bay that was our first destination.

We enjoyed some wine and relaxing before we had a meeting with Anna, Cat’s old friend from Helsingborg. She’s been living here for several years now and is a permanent resident. Since I had a long day, I called it early but the girls kept going for hours and hours at Milestones and other watering holes catching  up on each others lives.

Thursday, Nov 11th

We decided to go to IKEA in Richmond (a must when you have a vehicle and is in Vancouver). We had the $1 breakfast and bought some candles and such…

Around lunch we headed south to the border. We reached the Boarder crossing at 1pm, or should I say, the line-up to the boarder crossing. It seemed that there were lots of other people with the same idea that we had…  2h later we reached the passport booth and a few minutes later we were on our way to Seattle.

We reached the Mediterranean Inn in Downtown Seattle after dark. We settled in and went for a walk. We ended up at a restaurant. A Brazilian restaurant, called Ipanema that only served one dish. $40 per dish, but it was ‘all-you-can-eat-flamed-grilled-meat’ kind of place! AWESOME for us Carnivores!!

Friday, Nov 12th

We continued our journey to Wenatchee. Small town we thought would be in the mountains. We crossed the Cascades to get there, but as the sun was setting and we were approaching our destination, we were out in a dryer climate without any major vegetation. Similar to what I had experienced in Okanagan Valley in Canada. We found our hotel and checked in. We went to a Thai restaurant around the corner and enjoyed some delicious food. After getting back to the hotel, we jumped into the hot tub for a while before going back to bed.

Saturday, Nov 13th

We had used up all of our pre-booked hotel nights and had a long drive ahead of us. The plan was a cabin in the woods around Ross Lake or Lake Shannon. After basically spending the whole day driving through the mountains we looked at several hotels/lodges/inns along the way, but we thought they were too expensive or of too poor quality to stay at, so we continued driving. Not until we reached Sedro-Woolley did we find something we liked. Three Rivers Inn – checked in, went to eat Chinese, drank beer and fell asleep.

Sunday, Nov 14th

We wanted to hit an Outlet mall before heading north of the border and later on to the ferry.

We confused Bellingham with Burlington so needless to say, no outlets were visited. We did however get some cheep alcohol – wines, liqueur and beer, before getting to the border. We were fairly early getting to the boarder so we didn’t have the line-ups we had going south.

We decided to go back to IKEA and have some Swedish meatballs and more candles. It was crazy busy there as usual, but we got out of there without spending TOO much money. 🙂

We go to the terminal at 3pm – just as the ferry left. We missed that one obviously. So we were in line for the 5pm ferry. After two hours of playing cards in the car, we were stopped as second car to go on the ferry! Luckily (?) there were a 6pm ferry as well, and it didn’t feel like that long before we were on the ferry and on the way to the Island.

We got home at 8:30-9pm and got most of our stuff sorted by 9:30pm when my lights went out and didn’t go on until the alarm woke me up Monday morning for work….
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