Academic Article Topics and Ideas Needed


Starting next semester I will be writing an essay on the topic:

“Could we have a Green World in 30years?
– Is it Possible?
– What Would it Take?”

I want to hear your ideas, your knowledge and your points of view! If you work within the area or you just have opinions it does not matter, I want to hear from you either way. If you do have references, suggestions on readings etc I would welcome them with open arms.

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Is a Green Sustainable World Possible in 30years?

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2 Responses to “Academic Article Topics and Ideas Needed”

  • An obvious comment arrived on Facebook… ‘What do you mean by Green?’

    Well, let say ‘Environmentally Sustainable’ instead of ‘Green’…
    Definition here:

    Cheers, Stefan

  • Tony:

    A bit of a cop-out using wikipedia to define “environmentally sustainable”. From previous discussions, with other grad students, there is very little consensus about the word “sustainable”. Even given the wiki defintion, what are your metrics to measure “sustainability”?
    Could it be that environmental sustainablility is a journey and not a destination?

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