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Password Protection

Hi Friends,

As you may have seen on ‘MyCalendar’, ‘MyPictures’ and ‘MyYouTube’ pages that they are now password protected.

The world is changing and our lives as well. I have therefore made the decision to decrease my digital footprint on the web.

I will therefore publish a password for selected friends on Facebook under my notes ( If you for some reason are not on Facebook, please email me and I’ll be happy to send you the password!

If you don’t have my email, us the Contact / Map‘ page…

Cheers,  Stefan

SPIRITED AWAY – Reveling a Top Secret Installation I was sworn to protect.

In the secret cavern in the Rural Area of Sweden the military could monitor enemy movements in the Baltic Sea. The Ammunition Floor and the huge Bofors cannon was located next door.

This is a translated news article from the Swedish National Post: Translation is done with Google Translate so I do apologize for the rough English.

This is one of the previously top-secret installations I was tasked to protect in our unit in the Swedish Navy all those years ago. Hope you enjoy the read!

April 3, 2011 at 01:00

Cold War secret defense installations are becoming part of Swedish cultural history. Soon will open another secret caverns whose huge cannon would save Stockholm on Soviet attack across the sea. SvD step down in a closed world.

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Xmas Holidays in Sweden

I’m trying to celebrate Xmas in Sweden at least ever second year.

Here’s the pictures from this Xmas.

Update – Short and Sweet

Greetings gangsters,

So, it’s almost December and Xmas! What happened to 2010?

I just wanted to give a short and brief update on what’s been going on the last little while. Read the rest of this entry »

Great hockey last night!

It all comes to show that it is impossible to be satisfied with something great. You always want something nicer, bigger, grander, better etc..

I was not too happy with my contributions last night, I felt I could do lots better, but in reality I did quite well.

We won the game 6-4 and I scored the first, third, fourth and fifth goal (Four goals total) and a couple of them quite important goals, when the game was tied and either team could have scored and made our lives miserable! What differed this game compared to any other game, was that I got my own jersey (#21 – Forsberg – not my personal choice, but it seem to work well). Let’s see next game if the success continues!

I’m hoping to get in another couple of training sessions more per week to increase my speed and endurance.

My mentor passed away today…

The man that have ment the world to me, he who showed me the path, he who showed me the light, when things were really dark in my life some 8years ago after my back injury. That man died today. Read the rest of this entry »

Update Camosun, Camping, Canada…

Greetings friends,

Well, what to say, all the issues from my previous posts have been solved more or less and the last few weeks has been more about what I came here for, studying.

Most of the instructors are very talented and bring plenty of life-experience with them into the classrooms and it’s interesting to listen to. I think we are closing in on the half-way mark of the first semester and I guess I am doing ok. I was hoping to be doing a bit better, but being away from the academic world now for almost eight years tends to make you forget things you haven’t used for a while.

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S-MART.SE – Under Attack! [UPDATED 090831]

[UPDATE 090901] Everything is back in order again…  hope you all enjoy it!
[END UPDATE] [UPDATE 090831] Today all reports have been added to to the site… and all old Australia stories…  so now it’s only the last years Canada stories still to come…  one piece at a time…
[END UPDATE] [UPDATE 090816] So all the adventure, travel blogs are back online, all photos and movies are all still online (they were on a different server) so the “only” thing left no uploaded are the old Australia, Reports & Essays & Canada tabs.

If you want to reach the old site until those are updated CLICK HERE


Greeting friends,

S-MART.SE have been attacked by a silly person deleting the database with ALL posts and settings…

This silly person regrets even going up in the morning, and even more not going to bed earlier last night when this happened. The silly person is as you might understand, me, myself and I. I got no one to blame more than myself for this error and it will be only me that will be able to fix it…

To all of you, I am really sorry for this inconvenience for you and I will be working hard to get it up and running again soon…  luckily I got all posts saved, in the old system, but it’s very tedious to cut, paste and edit the text to fit the new theme.

I will put some long hours into getting all posts back up and showing as soon as possible, however, with my imminent move to Canada the 18th of Aug I’m not to sure if I have it all done by then…  but with some fingers crossed it wont be too long…

Again, I’m sorry and for now you can still enjoy the pictures and movie galleries and the old website…  Feel free to follow the adding of the pages during the next few days!

Cheers, Stefan

World Heritage Areas

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) seeks to encourage the identification, protection and preservation of cultural and natural heritage around the world considered to be of outstanding value to humanity.

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Kayaking Rönne å

Catharina enjoying herself on the river.

From 090725 – Paddling Rönne å

A beautiful day on the quiet river enjoying a few hours of kayaking.

From 090725 – Paddling Rönne å

Stefan having some fun…

From 090725 – Paddling Rönne å

For more pictures, feel free to browse them here