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Icehockey – Spring League – Island hockey 101

Well, I’m finally over my fever (4days of relentless fever and headaches) and due to that I missed our first game. Might as well perhaps, since we lost with 9-0.

If you want to follow us you can surf into this eminent site:

If you are keen to follow my stats over the season you can see my profile here:

Next game tonight!


Face-lift initiated…

Hey guys,

Ok, so the second semester is officially over and I finally got some time to slow down and not do anything. So to keep me busy, I created a new theme for the website from scratch and I am still working on to get some more flash into the site for cooler presentations of pictures and movies.

I hope you like it!

Comment below if you wish…

Face-lift on S-MART.SE

Hey friends!

After this semester is done, it’s time for a face lift on the website…

I want some input…  what would you like to see? What colours, what features, what layout, what contents?

Something I noticed on my YouTube contributions are that ‘instructional’ clips are very highly rated/viewed among the few I already done…  I’m feeling I will do more of those… What do You think?

Earth Hour – My spin on it…

From a outsiders view with ignorance bless I can really understand how this became so popular so quick.

I’m a Environmental Technology student at Camosun College and I can see issues with reducing the load significantly and then turning it on after an hour. When the load changes significantly, frequency imbalances can occur (due to either too much or too little power being produced with respect to the load) as it takes time for the generators to adjust to the change in load. Read the rest of this entry »

My mentor passed away today…

The man that have ment the world to me, he who showed me the path, he who showed me the light, when things were really dark in my life some 8years ago after my back injury. That man died today. Read the rest of this entry »

Why YOU should NOT go and vaccinate yourself against H1N1!!

Letter to the Mayor of Victoria

Dear Mayor Dean Fortin,

Coming from the outside, one can have a more unbiased view on things. As a international environmental technology student at Camosun College, I have noticed a few things around town that I think would further improve the already high living standard of Victoria.

I am a prospecting emigrant from Sweden and the issue I would like to raise to your attention is noise pollution. I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Noise pollution can cause annoyance and aggression, hypertension, high stress levels, tinnitus, hearing loss, sleep disturbances, and other harmful effects. Furthermore, stress and hypertension are the leading causes to health problems, whereas tinnitus can lead to forgetfulness, severe depression and at times panic attacks. We all read about beached whales being due to naval sonar – i.e. marine noise pollution. Also worth noticing is that noise pollution is also a cause of annoyance for us humans as well . A 2005 study by Spanish researchers found that in urban areas households are willing to pay approximately four Euros per decibel per year for noise reduction. (REF). That’s a lot of money!

Worth noting as well is that noise pollution often persists because only five to ten percent of people affected by noise will lodge a formal complaint. Many people are not aware of their legal right to quiet and do not know how to register a complaint.

Something that is really bothering me and the people I been asking about this issue is in particular the sirens of the emergency services. Of evident reasons these vehicles are equipped with sirens to call on your attention in traffic, but coming from a city of 250.000 people and living fairly close to the major hospital I didn’t hear as many ambulances as I do here in Victoria. I just feel it seems the drivers of the EMS vehicles like to use the sirens excessively instead of only when absolutely needed, e.g. going through intersection while running a red-light, clearing a path between vehicles and so on. In Sweden they seem to use the sirens more like horns on your own car. Honk when needed and of course use the flashing lights the vehicles are equipped with.

I’m proposing a by-law for the reduction of noise in Victoria.

I hope you agree and you put forward my proposal!

Best wishes,

Stefan Martensson


Some of the information above are direct quotes from the wikipedia page about Noise Pollution. I do not claim that I have done any of the research nor have the intention of stating that any of the above research is mine. It’s the owner of the contributors of wikipedia and I just borrowed it for this letter with the reference to the page.

S-MART.SE – Under Attack! [UPDATED 090831]

[UPDATE 090901] Everything is back in order again…  hope you all enjoy it!
[END UPDATE] [UPDATE 090831] Today all reports have been added to to the site… and all old Australia stories…  so now it’s only the last years Canada stories still to come…  one piece at a time…
[END UPDATE] [UPDATE 090816] So all the adventure, travel blogs are back online, all photos and movies are all still online (they were on a different server) so the “only” thing left no uploaded are the old Australia, Reports & Essays & Canada tabs.

If you want to reach the old site until those are updated CLICK HERE


Greeting friends,

S-MART.SE have been attacked by a silly person deleting the database with ALL posts and settings…

This silly person regrets even going up in the morning, and even more not going to bed earlier last night when this happened. The silly person is as you might understand, me, myself and I. I got no one to blame more than myself for this error and it will be only me that will be able to fix it…

To all of you, I am really sorry for this inconvenience for you and I will be working hard to get it up and running again soon…  luckily I got all posts saved, in the old system, but it’s very tedious to cut, paste and edit the text to fit the new theme.

I will put some long hours into getting all posts back up and showing as soon as possible, however, with my imminent move to Canada the 18th of Aug I’m not to sure if I have it all done by then…  but with some fingers crossed it wont be too long…

Again, I’m sorry and for now you can still enjoy the pictures and movie galleries and the old website…  Feel free to follow the adding of the pages during the next few days!

Cheers, Stefan

Helsingborg – CPH – YYC – Canmore – Nelson – Victoria

Hey friends,

This time around leaving my family was extra hard.  It’s testing my conviction that a life here in Canada is the road I want to go. Read the rest of this entry »

My Future Travel Goals

Travel goals written July 3, 2007…  still dreams…   🙂

This is just a list over things I want to do, places to be and other stuff to experience… Read the rest of this entry »