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Australia – May & June 2001

May – 2001-05-11

This semester have been filled with fieldtrips and even May had its’ fair share of them… Today, it was time for me to leave for a three-day trip through north Queensland. This time it was the Terrestrial Resource Management class that catered for the trip and the aim was to have a look at the different management issues out there in real life. Dealing with aspects like dairy farming in the tropics (the need for clearing rainforest to have cattle grazing), sugarcane farming (clearing rainforest for that purpose), tourism development and much more.

June – 2001-06-20

Greetings mobsters!

June 2001 is like the last two, filled with study, study and some study…

June is the Exam month here at James Cook University and that’s the reason I haven’t been able to update the site for a while. However, I am soon out of this tunnel and I am almost out in the sun again after spending heaps of time behind my desk and writing reports, essays and other scientific papers. However, the decision has been made from my funding institution (CSN) but that’s all they had to say… yup, that’s right they never told me WHAT the decision was! I will found out soon enough I suppose.

Meanwhile I would like to share my success with you by informing that I am now (if I pass my exams) officially a Biologist/Zoologist and after I have finished my intensive course in Cairns (mid-July) I will become an Environmental Scientist. Some of the papers written by me are available on my Schoolworks page, please feel free to have a look and if you disagree with something please email me.

Till next time,

Australia – July 1999

Hi Everybody!!!

As I wrote in the “The June History”, I took a flight home to surprise some friends and most of all my parents.

The flight home went really fast though I flew “back” in time and I “saved” 8 hours. This time I flew with Qantas Airways, and SAS. First I flew up to Cairns, (1 hour flight) where I spended little more than 7 hours which was more than enough though I did not know what to do, I went to Cairns Aquarium, and watched the shark feeding, and some other, interesting stuff… They claimed that Cairns Aquarium was bigger than Townsville Aquarium. Which I can tell you it’s not, so if you pass by sometime go to T’villes Aquarium instead of Cairns. Read the rest of this entry »