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Panorama – Summery of 2006

Summery of 2006 and little more…

It is really unbelivable what has happened!

The last couple of years have really been amazing. It has been hard work, blood, tears, some swearing and a few arguments but when I look back it is amazing.

I was telling my mum just before Christmas over the phone that it is pretty cool what I have accomplished on such short time. Read the rest of this entry »

Australia – March & April 2000

======== 2000-03-27 ========

Work work work, but there is some spare time…

I have got my self ICQ and the number is: 6848 1006.

Not a minute to late according to many, and I can’t say more than I agree.

I did not go along with the HiLux, though I found out it would cost me a fortune to repair it… …so I found another car, Ford Falcon, 6cylinder, 4.1Liter engine!!!! A big sucker but it sure nice to have a big engine when you are out on longer trips.

Played some inline hockey during the weekend, representing Townsville P.C.Y.C. (Police Community Youth Club) against Charters Towers. We slaughtered them!!! 10-2, and I did 3 goals and 3-4 passes. The day after it was time for a re-match and due to that CT did not have any goalie a floor-player putted on the gear and to make it little more even we swooped goalies too.

This game was a lot more even, 6-3 was the final score but they had the lead early in the game.


This is a very bad sign! Today it is 6th of May. You cannot imagine how much reports and essays I have had to write!!

Puuhh! But now it is all over but so is April!!