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Why YOU should NOT go and vaccinate yourself against H1N1!!

Okey, I know this is long, but well worth a read!

Report – ENVR110 – Assignment 1 – How Green is Camosun – Part 2

ENVR110                                                Camosun College                                             2009-09-12

Assignment 1 – How Green is Camosun – Part 2

Stefan Martensson


The ENVR110 class were given the assignment of listing ‘green’, sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, processes and commitments for Camosun College campus. The first part of brainstorming together brought up a long list of ideas that later were compared with practices that in fact already been implemented and in addition comment on two ideas not yet implemented. Read the rest of this entry »


Dear Reader / Human Resources,
As a graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Zoology and Environmental Science, I am looking for the next step to grow from my previous employments.

I am a self-motivated individual with extensive leadership experience that encompasses many different fields (supervisor, manager roles, outdoor recreation leader/guide as well as military). I enjoy when things are happening around me at a rapid pace and I thrive on learning new things. Read the rest of this entry »

Banff Mountain Film Festival – October

Yet another dream completed, when I started with all the crazyness of adventures, I heard about the Banff Mountain Film Festival, a weeklong festival honouring the best o the best adventurers around the world and showing some of the best movies made over the year with one theme in common… Mountains. Read the rest of this entry »

Banff – The day that changed EVERYTHING!

070220 – 0500 – The alarm goes off, I had barely any sleep. The reason for that was that today I knew would be a very special day! Me and Anders were going to be picked up in one hour and fifteen minutes with a bus taking us back to Panorama and RK Heliplex. It was time to take the virginity of flying a helicopter and also do some heli-skiing!!

The white mini-bus in form of a Chevy picked us up just outside the front desk at Hidden Ridge. First we stopped at a few hotels in Banff to pick up a few more people before we were on our way. Read the rest of this entry »

Panorama – November

November Stories

17th November 2006

It’s all happening! *SCARY*

I woke up, thaought I heard the alarm go off. I quickly got dressed, since I knew there wasn’t too much time to waste before we had to go to the trainstation.

I went to the kitchen and I was expecting my parents to be there. But no one was there…

Read the rest of this entry »

Working Holiday Visa – Panorama

Pre-Arrival Stories

9th September 2006 – Off I Go…

Colleges, soldiers, family, friends and others…

The 21st of Dec 2005, I received an email with the text “To Canada! – Your application for a one year travel & work visa have been approved!” Read the rest of this entry »

Mountaineering – Mount Blanc (4810m)

The highest peak of the Alps , is without a doubt the most sought after mountain in the world. Under-estimated by many, its ascent is a relatively simple snow route at the high altitude which requires a solid physical condition , necessary for the 10/12 hours of effort at high altitude. Read the rest of this entry »

Ice and Rockclimbing

Norway 2002

NORWAY 2002 – Pictures in Gallery

As you might know I just went to Norway (1 st of Sept) to be one of the leaders for my old highschool’s annual school trips. The trip includes hiking, caving and one day on the glacier. A wonderful work experience opportunity for me Read the rest of this entry »