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Australia – April 2001

April – 2001-04-06

The joyful letter I got from Canada has still not gone out of my mind as you might understand. I have worked hard to reach this sub-goal. The final goal is still ahead but this was one was a very important stage in my future development.

As I mentioned in last months page, the only thing that really can stop me from going at this point is money, and that is coming from CSN (the Swedish Board for further Education). Read the rest of this entry »

Australia – February 1999

990221 Now have I been in Townsville for quite some time.( a week tomorrow and I have made some friends all ready, my friends are 2 American girls; Kate and Sara, both of them are studying Marine Biology.

I was supposed to pick up my keys to my new flat yesterday but my VISA card has been demagnetized or something. so I cant get any money out from it… Yeah, just what I thought, really funny to be stuck on the other side of our planet and you cant get a hold of your well earned money… Read the rest of this entry »