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Patagonia Expedition – January 2008

The email reply was set automatically to:

Thanks for writing to me!

I am currently out in the middle of absolutly nowhere in the Argentine
Patagonia, South America where no cellphones nor WiFi Internet
receptions are abundant. About once every four weeks I will come in to
civilization again where I can access a phone and Internet again and I
will be happy to reply to you at that time, thanks for your patience!

What I am doing is called a:
Patagonia Exploration and Wildlife Research Expedition

There will be two research projects operating alongside a continuous
trekking programme and expedition members joining for 12 weeks will be
taking part in all three phases on a rotation basis. Short
exploratory/survey treks will be part of the science projects and
further challenging treks consist of the traversing the Patagonian
steppe, the demanding summit attempt of Tronador volcano and other
short adventures such as attempting to summit Lanín Volcano and kayak
traversing of lakes (depending on season). The research projects have
been chosen not only for their value in their field of study, but also
to compliment each other by providing a range of both landscapes and

This expedition will aim to raise awareness of the need for
conservation and preservation of Patagonia’s highly threatened and
sensitive habitats, while also giving expedition members access to the
beauty and adventure of living in Patagonia for an extended period of
time. Read the rest of this entry »