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Banff Mountain Film Festival – October

Yet another dream completed, when I started with all the crazyness of adventures, I heard about the Banff Mountain Film Festival, a weeklong festival honouring the best o the best adventurers around the world and showing some of the best movies made over the year with one theme in common… Mountains. Read the rest of this entry »

Panorama / Banff – January Stories

13 January – Thoughts about Banff

Well, why not?

Banff is really positioned very nicely, 1.5h from Calgary with all it’s amenities and services, it has about 10.000 people living here and Jamie said it’s a friendly town, everybody knows everybody.

It’s a metropolitan for adventures that I thuroughly enjoy, the mounaineering, the skiing, the climbing, the iceclimbing, the caving, the hiking, rafting, canoeing, dogsledding, you name it, you can do it.. Read the rest of this entry »

Working Holiday Visa – Panorama

Pre-Arrival Stories

9th September 2006 – Off I Go…

Colleges, soldiers, family, friends and others…

The 21st of Dec 2005, I received an email with the text “To Canada! – Your application for a one year travel & work visa have been approved!” Read the rest of this entry »

Mountaineering – Mount Blanc (4810m)

The highest peak of the Alps , is without a doubt the most sought after mountain in the world. Under-estimated by many, its ascent is a relatively simple snow route at the high altitude which requires a solid physical condition , necessary for the 10/12 hours of effort at high altitude. Read the rest of this entry »

Norway 2003

NORWAY 2003 – Pictures in Gallery

(Text and some photos kindly contributed by Liv Gottschalk).

I’ve been home for a week now, since my first trip to Krossbu in the southern part of Norway. Krossbu is situated in Norway’s highest mountain range , Jutunheimen.

You have to be there to realise how great the week was, but I ‘ll try to put it down: Read the rest of this entry »

Ice and Rockclimbing

Norway 2002

NORWAY 2002 – Pictures in Gallery

As you might know I just went to Norway (1 st of Sept) to be one of the leaders for my old highschool’s annual school trips. The trip includes hiking, caving and one day on the glacier. A wonderful work experience opportunity for me Read the rest of this entry »

MAST – Advanced Recreational Avalanche Course

Avalanche safety training is essential for recognition and avoidance of avalanche dangers that are inherent in winter mountain recreation.  The CAA promotes and encourages avalanche safety training for winter recreation enthusiasts through the Recreational Avalanche Course (RAC) program. Read the rest of this entry »

MAST – Mountaineering

26 September

Together with my fellow friends from the MAST program, Luc, Tucker, Eric, Justin and Ryan, I went on my first real Mountaineering trip. We went to Catamount / North Star Glacier, BC – Canada.

Today (26 th ) it rained and we decided to stay low in the woods to avoid setting up our tents in the rain and heavy wind expected up on the mountain by the glacier’s base. After having lunch we set up camp and decided to scout the trail for tomorrow we headed of up the mountain with lighter packs. The steep way up was covered partly with scree and we got small flashbacks to the Mt Fisher trip two weeks earlier. After little more than an hour hiking we reached finally the top of the morane and the base of the majestic glacier! It was SO large we all stood there eager to get our crampons on to test them and see how they are to walk on. Brian held the leaches short and said we had to wait until tomorrow before we got up on the glacier. A bit dissapointed we turned back to our camp after finding a better camp spot beside the glacier which we will advance to tomorrow before the first day of glacier skills were taught. Read the rest of this entry »

Mountaineering Goals