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Banff – Panorama – Fernie – Waterton NP

Banff – Panorama – Fernie – Waterton NP

Alright, to sum things up at the same time I am trying to upload my videoclips (which seems to take forever!!)

Started a couple of days ago in Banff and I must admit that I was a bit nervous! Read the rest of this entry »

Dreams come true again – Gone heliskiing with Anders!

070220 – 0500 – The alarm goes off, I had barely any sleep. The reason for that was that today I knew would be a very special day! Me and Anders were going to be picked up in one hour and fifteen minutes with a bus taking us back to Panorama and RK Heliplex. It was time to take the virginity of flying a helicopter and also do some heli-skiing!! Read the rest of this entry »

Banff – February – Snowmobiling

070204 – Snowmobiling

0600 – the alarm went off. I went up, put on a great dance-around tune on my laptop and stepped myself out to the kitchen to mix up my breakfast.


I had to be at the Douglas Fir Resort at 0700 when the bus picked us up. 0650 I arrived at the bus stop in the dark and met up with two British guests Read the rest of this entry »

Banff – January – Moving from Pano

26 January 2007

I cannot believe it!! Where should I start!?
After handing in my letter of notice, everybody went all cold on me at Panorama! My otherwise friendly manager Amanda Sharko didn’t speak to me, she didn’t even say goodbye. (!) My supervisors also went cold on me, turned their backs. Read the rest of this entry »

Panorama / Banff – January Stories

13 January – Thoughts about Banff

Well, why not?

Banff is really positioned very nicely, 1.5h from Calgary with all it’s amenities and services, it has about 10.000 people living here and Jamie said it’s a friendly town, everybody knows everybody.

It’s a metropolitan for adventures that I thuroughly enjoy, the mounaineering, the skiing, the climbing, the iceclimbing, the caving, the hiking, rafting, canoeing, dogsledding, you name it, you can do it.. Read the rest of this entry »

Panorama – Summery of 2006

Summery of 2006 and little more…

It is really unbelivable what has happened!

The last couple of years have really been amazing. It has been hard work, blood, tears, some swearing and a few arguments but when I look back it is amazing.

I was telling my mum just before Christmas over the phone that it is pretty cool what I have accomplished on such short time. Read the rest of this entry »

Panorama – 18th-23rd November 2006

November Stories

18th to the 23rd of November 2006


– The saturday was quite long, since I didn’t have to much to do, so I just walked around the village to get a feel for the place and so that I could find my way around it as well.

061119 –

The sunday was even longer and I soon got quite boored since there’s nothing really you can do. I went into Invermere to shop for some groceries and got a ride down the mountain quite easy and got it explained to me where to shop, where to go to catch a ride up again the easiest way. Priceless information, all free ;)) Read the rest of this entry »

Panorama – November

November Stories

17th November 2006

It’s all happening! *SCARY*

I woke up, thaought I heard the alarm go off. I quickly got dressed, since I knew there wasn’t too much time to waste before we had to go to the trainstation.

I went to the kitchen and I was expecting my parents to be there. But no one was there…

Read the rest of this entry »

Working Holiday Visa – Panorama

Pre-Arrival Stories

9th September 2006 – Off I Go…

Colleges, soldiers, family, friends and others…

The 21st of Dec 2005, I received an email with the text “To Canada! – Your application for a one year travel & work visa have been approved!” Read the rest of this entry »