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Banff – February – Career Developments

070210 – Career developments

From: Janette Holtzman
Sent: Saturday, February 10, 2007 12:52 PM
Subject: Stefan Martensson
Importance: High

It is my pleasure to announce that we now have a new Front Desk Supervisor!   Read the rest of this entry »

Banff – February – Snowmobiling

070204 – Snowmobiling

0600 – the alarm went off. I went up, put on a great dance-around tune on my laptop and stepped myself out to the kitchen to mix up my breakfast.


I had to be at the Douglas Fir Resort at 0700 when the bus picked us up. 0650 I arrived at the bus stop in the dark and met up with two British guests Read the rest of this entry »

Banff – January – Moving from Pano

26 January 2007

I cannot believe it!! Where should I start!?
After handing in my letter of notice, everybody went all cold on me at Panorama! My otherwise friendly manager Amanda Sharko didn’t speak to me, she didn’t even say goodbye. (!) My supervisors also went cold on me, turned their backs. Read the rest of this entry »