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Australia – January 2000

January 2000!! **Millenium Change**

7-6-5-4-3-2-1 – 2000!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR was everybody screaming when the whole city of Sydney went on fire and especially the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House! The half an hour fireworks were so stunning so when we talk about them afterwards we couldn’t find words to describe them. After more discussion about the firework we came and think of the word WOW!!!

I had an American behind me where I was and took the midnight photos and he and his girlfriend was just screaming and screaming, saying words like wooooiiii!! And yelled out: Screw New York!! This is the place, this is the place to be, and we are just in the middle of it!!! He gave me some really good Champagne and shook my hand and wished me a Happy New Year!

The three Police officers that stood on the Jetty with us Read the rest of this entry »

Australia – December **Millenium Change**

December has arrived, and much has happened as usual, main things are Hook Island and Sydney.

======== Sydney ========

Okay, this is what many of you have been waiting for… And I can tell you that I have been waiting for this as well…

I know that I have been bragging about this for a long time and I remember last New Year back home in Höganäs where I celebrated New year for my self. I remember that, when I fired my fireworks that night, I said to my self “HAPPY F**KING NEW YEAR” Read the rest of this entry »