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Panorama – December Stories

15th December 2006

From Alpine Conditions at “Fresh, deep powder over the entire mountain. Snow conditions are outstanding! Taynton Bowl is closed today for avalanche control but it will be open tomorrow with exceptional powder.”

On the Snow Report today: “25cm overnight and 50cm in the last three days!

Stefan below Elmo

The skiing and riding is just outstanding – deep, light powder everywhere you turn. Read the rest of this entry »

Panorama – 18th-23rd November 2006

November Stories

18th to the 23rd of November 2006


– The saturday was quite long, since I didn’t have to much to do, so I just walked around the village to get a feel for the place and so that I could find my way around it as well.

061119 –

The sunday was even longer and I soon got quite boored since there’s nothing really you can do. I went into Invermere to shop for some groceries and got a ride down the mountain quite easy and got it explained to me where to shop, where to go to catch a ride up again the easiest way. Priceless information, all free ;)) Read the rest of this entry »

Panorama – November

November Stories

17th November 2006

It’s all happening! *SCARY*

I woke up, thaought I heard the alarm go off. I quickly got dressed, since I knew there wasn’t too much time to waste before we had to go to the trainstation.

I went to the kitchen and I was expecting my parents to be there. But no one was there…

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Working Holiday Visa – Panorama

Pre-Arrival Stories

9th September 2006 – Off I Go…

Colleges, soldiers, family, friends and others…

The 21st of Dec 2005, I received an email with the text “To Canada! – Your application for a one year travel & work visa have been approved!” Read the rest of this entry »

Mountaineering – Mount Blanc (4810m)

The highest peak of the Alps , is without a doubt the most sought after mountain in the world. Under-estimated by many, its ascent is a relatively simple snow route at the high altitude which requires a solid physical condition , necessary for the 10/12 hours of effort at high altitude. Read the rest of this entry »

Norway 2003

NORWAY 2003 – Pictures in Gallery

(Text and some photos kindly contributed by Liv Gottschalk).

I’ve been home for a week now, since my first trip to Krossbu in the southern part of Norway. Krossbu is situated in Norway’s highest mountain range , Jutunheimen.

You have to be there to realise how great the week was, but I ‘ll try to put it down: Read the rest of this entry »

Ice and Rockclimbing

Norway 2002

NORWAY 2002 – Pictures in Gallery

As you might know I just went to Norway (1 st of Sept) to be one of the leaders for my old highschool’s annual school trips. The trip includes hiking, caving and one day on the glacier. A wonderful work experience opportunity for me Read the rest of this entry »

Fernie, B.C. – Aug 2001- May 2002

College of the Rockies is a 7 campus modern facility located in the British Columbia Interior. Services include computer labs, a modern library, state-of-the-art audio/visual & teleconferencing services, sports facilities, tutoring/learning resource center, student housing, access to outdoor recreation, activities and more … Read the rest of this entry »

MAST – Ski Touring II

2002-01-21 Monday

The plan was to skin up Orca Bowl in the Lizard Range, but due to extreme avalanche hazard we was forced to surrender to Nature’s powers. Instead we drove up to the end of Island Lake Lodge’s road and aimed to skin up Ridge 2001 and ski down the ridge. After hours and hours of breaking trail and many falls in tree-wells, slick windblown areas, ice sections and other nasties we turned around to ski down. The snow pack was inversed, that means that the top layer is lays on top of a light fluffy layer. This in turn means that your skis will sink through the top layer and will slide in the fluffy, and becomes REALLY hard to turn. We (at least some more than me) had a very bad day and nobody was happy and cheerful when we returned to campus. Bad touring and bad skiing – Yuck!   Read the rest of this entry »