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Washington State Road Trip – Completed

It’s been a while, it’s also been ridiculously busy.

Last Thursday it was Remembrance Day. The Friday was a perfect opportunity to take of to make it a long weekend.

Cat and I, decided early to not only celebrate the fallen soldiers, but also our 18months anniversary by going for a trip to the mainland. Read the rest of this entry »

Vancouver & Whistler Road Trip – Completed

1248 pictures taken, 668 published at – Enjoy!

Why YOU should NOT go and vaccinate yourself against H1N1!!

Lease Signed!… Stefan and Cath are going luxurious!!

Greetings Friends!

Yesterday we signed the contract to officially be living together. It’s a marvelous place, luxurious one could even say!

I have stolen a few pics from the Internet to show you what it looks like.

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Update Camosun, Camping, Canada…

Greetings friends,

Well, what to say, all the issues from my previous posts have been solved more or less and the last few weeks has been more about what I came here for, studying.

Most of the instructors are very talented and bring plenty of life-experience with them into the classrooms and it’s interesting to listen to. I think we are closing in on the half-way mark of the first semester and I guess I am doing ok. I was hoping to be doing a bit better, but being away from the academic world now for almost eight years tends to make you forget things you haven’t used for a while.

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First day at Camosun College…

Well, it is not how I normally live and operate my life, that’s for sure!

I mean, I normally plan, organize and get most stuff done BEFORE the shit hits the fan. Trust me, the shit ALWAYS hits the fan…  not sure why, not sure how…  but it sure finds its way there. What do I mean?

Well, I kind of related to this in earlier posts,I wanted to get the course selection done months and months ago. For some strange reason I accepted to wait until now. Now see where my arse ended up…  Sqeezed between a rock and hard place.

Okey, down to specifics…

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Helsingborg – CPH – YYC – Canmore – Nelson – Victoria

Hey friends,

This time around leaving my family was extra hard.  It’s testing my conviction that a life here in Canada is the road I want to go. Read the rest of this entry »

My Future Travel Goals

Travel goals written July 3, 2007…  still dreams…   🙂

This is just a list over things I want to do, places to be and other stuff to experience… Read the rest of this entry »

World Heritage Areas

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) seeks to encourage the identification, protection and preservation of cultural and natural heritage around the world considered to be of outstanding value to humanity.

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Kayaking Rönne å

Catharina enjoying herself on the river.

From 090725 – Paddling Rönne å

A beautiful day on the quiet river enjoying a few hours of kayaking.

From 090725 – Paddling Rönne å

Stefan having some fun…

From 090725 – Paddling Rönne å

For more pictures, feel free to browse them here