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070312 – Horseback Riding – Rafter Six Ranch

“You have to come up to the ridge and grab my car and then pick-up Adrienne at Best Western just before 1pm”, said Jamie. Said and done, I borrowed Jamie’s car and picked up Adrienne at 1 o’clock sharp.
We drove past Canmore towards Calgary for about 25min before we could see turnoff 114 Exshaw going towards two of the most well known areas for outdoors people in the world, Yamnuska and Kananaskis Country. The first for its climbing and latter for the hikers and rafters.

After taking right after the turnoff we soon came to a T-intersection where we turned left towards Rafter Six Ranch. After going over the Texas gate, we entered the ranch property. It’s hugh and it’s very nice!
It felt like we went back in time about 30-40years if not more. Very nice feeling.

We parked the car and walked around to find the reception. It was a bit hard to find but after going to the wrong place, we found it on our second try.

We were greeted and welcomed by a few dogs and also by Barb and after only a few minutes of signing waivers (yes, North America) we were on our way to the stables.

We walked around for about 20-30minutes before our horses were already for us. I got of cause the largest and most intimidating horse on this planet, Jessie. I was told that he was the King of the pack, the leader that all the other horses looked up to… Our very nice guide Kateri just instructed me to put the left foot in there (the foot loop thingy) and pull in the saddle front nob, here, and up I would go…   I greeted the horse first and petted him and small talked with him. I put my foot in that loop thingy and just pulled, and up I went. Katari and her brother that also helped us out with getting everything done were quite impressed that I swung up on that big horse like nothing… the loops where in my chest height and the horse’s back was about my head (BIG animal).

Off we went…

Jessie knew exactly what to do and where to go… It was a nice experience for me being on horse only a few times before… However, it was not a natural experience since it felt like Jessie would of’d taken me around the track no matter what I would have done.
Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it very much and I am more than happy to recommend this tour our guests.

The very few times I have been riding before, the saddles were a lot more comfortable and soft than the one I experienced here. Also I learnt the hard way that men should not trot with boxers. Kateri looked strange at me when I came trotting with one hand on to the ropes and the other hand between my legs *smile* (is this the only reasons a man should wear tight speedo look-a-like underwear?)

In conclusion it was a nice experience and I had painful memories in my bum 2-3days after the tour, besides that I would love to go for a longer tour (with more comfortable saddles) with camping over night and such.

Great company, great people, great tours!

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